Questions? Ask your Consultant Interpreter!


Simultrad’s aim is to help people to communicate with each other, whatever language they speak.

Tell us exactly what you require and we will advise you as to the best and most cost-effective solution:

For a small meeting involving people speaking two languages, you may require consecutive interpreting. This is effective in terms of communication, and involves little in terms of technical requirements, although it does need more time, as the translation follows the original message.

If you want to communicate with a larger audience in more languages, then simultaneous interpretation would be the solution. Interpreters sit in soundproof booths and listen to the original speech on headphones, transmitting the message in another language in real time. This requires a more complex technical set-up, but allows your multi-language event to proceed without interruptions.

If there are only two or three listeners requiring interpretation, simultaneous translation can be provided by whispering the message to these people, thus dispensing with bulky technical requirements. This is only appropriate in certain circumstances.

Once we know what languages are to be spoken and what subjects are to be discussed, the next step is to form the best-prepared team of interpreters to ensure the success of the event.

Mike Lucas, consultant interpreter, and member of the International Association of Conference Interpreters (aiic), will set up a team of the most qualified and best prepared certified professionals available to cover the languages and specialist subjects involved, seeking always to have native speakers working into their own languages.

We are happy to provide sound and other technical equipment for your event. Just let us know where your venue is and how many people you are expecting, and we will provide you with any equipment you need, including interpreting booths, PA systems and audiovisual equipment.