Questions? Ask your Consultant Interpreter!


How many interpreters will be necessary for the meeting?

Teamwork is the secret of our profession, involving organisers, speakers, interpreters, technicians. The size and make up of the team will depend on the number of languages used, as well as the duration of the meeting. However, the norm is at least two interpreters per language. For meetings that are more technical in nature or with a heavy schedule, more interpreters may be required.

What is the cost of interpreting?

This can vary greatly, just like any professional service. We can prepare you a detailed quote taking all the factors into account. There are no hidden commissions. Where there is a consultancy fee, it is given separately. For simultaneous interpretation, do not forget to budget for the cost of renting technical equipment such as booths and amplification systems.

How long before the event should I book the team of interpreters?

As long as possible. Professional conference interpreters are in great demand, so the sooner you can reserve dates, the better chance of finding the best local ones.
Once you know the dates for your event, you can contact us so that we can start to prepare the groundwork - giving options to the interpreters so that they can block the dates in their calendars, preparing the vocabulary and glossaries, reserving a meeting hall, etc.
Once you confirm, we will issue contracts laying down all the conditions, and a signed copy will go to the organiser, the consultant interpreter and all the members of the team.

What is a consultant interpreter and how can he or she help?

A consultant interpreter looks after the difficult task of putting together a team to provide the most efficient and cost-effective solution to the questions of subject matter, language combination etc. Consultant interpreters act individually, or organise themselves into groups or secretariats with office facilities.
Consultant interpreters are the best placed to solve your doubts on the type of interpretation required, draw up price estimates, and take care of certain administrative tasks (contracts, centralising payments...). Basically, the consultant interpreter is the link between conference organisers and conference interpreters.

If you have more questions, please don't hesitate to contact us